How Do You Select a Traditional Wet Mop?

Selecting the Yarn Type for your Wet Mop

When selecting the yarn type for your wet mop, consider the following:

Cotton fibers are popular because of their low initial cost, limited shrinkage and great absorption. Cotton picks up two to three times its weight. Also, depending upon the type of mop you order, they can be designed to specialize in either everyday mopping or cleaning highly abrasive surfaces.

Rayon fibers have fast absorption. They are mildew resistant, lint less and dry fast. Rayon is designed to pick up six to seven times its weight but it has no retention capabilities and, therefore, is an excellent finish mop.

Blends combine all the advantages of several different fibers to provide the ideal balance of price, performance and appearance. These are highly absorbent. Blends pick up and hold six to seven times their weight. And, as a bonus, they require no break-in.


Selecting the Correct Wet Mop

When researching mop handles, you will need to decide if you want handles made of metal, plastic, wood or fiberglass. You will also need to decide if you want looped ends on your mop, cut ends, headbands or tailbands.

Looped ends add longer life and better performance to wet mops, also allows for an open more absorbent twist that does not lint, fray or unravel. This is ideal if you want to launder your wet mops.

Cut ends are popular because of their low initial cost. Functional and affordable, they are ideal for almost any application from general mopping to applying finishes.

Headbands are available in 1 1/4 inch and 5 inch widths.

Tailbands improve coverage control, enable the mop to cover a wider path saving time and labor, prevent tangling and permit laundering.