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Bobrick Towel Mate Accessory ea
P/N: BOB-39034

Optional TowelMate Accessory fits into Bobrick Model Number(s) B-3803, B-38032, B-39034 or B-390349 TrimLineSeries
Paper Towel Dispensers. TowelMate Accessory Module has towel guide angle with 90 degree return to prevent paper towels from falling forward out when door is opened for servicing. TowelMate Accessory Support Rod allows dispenser to dispense paper towels one at a time without tabbing, tearing, bulging, sagging or bunching. To load paper towels in towel tray, place stacks of folded paper towels inside module with bottom paper towel leaf facing forward. Feed fi rst sheet from bottom of the towel tray opening over the rod and through the opening to conceal rod and start dispense.